Tile Roof Hook Solutions
HD Standoff Mounts for All Roof Types

Standoff Mounts for All Roof Types

  • Standoff Clamp and L Foot Assembly


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Standoff Clamp Assembly


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Standoff Kit, 5 ½”


    100 Roof Mount System

  • 10º Tilt Kit w/ 5 ½” and 10” Standoffs


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Standoff Shaft, 5 ½”


    100 Roof Mount System

  • 1” Standoff Spacer w/ Connector Screw


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Rubber Rain Collar


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Standoff Kits are engineered to ensure maximum standoff adjustability for a clean, level installation on the most irregular roof surfaces.

    • 5.5”, 7”, 8.5”, and 10” Standoff Shaft lengths
    • 1” spacers available to provide additional flexibility
    • Recommended use with Series 100 Standard Rail for attachment to tile or built-up type roofs
    • Standoff Kits include a 1-Hole Base, Standoff Shaft, Rubber Rain Collar and Standoff Clamp Assembly, while the Tilt Kit adds a L Foot Assembly

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    Technical Features


      • 6000 Series aluminum
      • Stainless steel hardware
      • EPDM rubber rain collar


    Material Finish

    • Clear anodized aluminum

    Design Uplift Load

    • 340 lbs

    Torque Specification

    • Rail attachment: Silver Hardware 10-16 ft-lbs, Black Hardware 8-10 ft-lbs



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    Standoff and Rail Installation w/ Flashing

    Standoff and Rail Installation w/o Flashing

    Series 100 Standoff Kit Brochure

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