Metal Roof Base Attachments
Corrugated Straddle Block Attachments

Seam Clamp Attachments

  • Standard Base Seam Clamp and L Foot


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Wide Base Seam Clamp and L Foot


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Designed to allow the attachment of solar rails and modules directly to a standing seam metal roof without penetrating the metal or collapsing the ridge in the metal roof material.

    • Made from 6005 extruded aluminum
    • Utilizes a single bolt to secure the clamp
    • Clamp design applies pressure evenly on seam
    • Clamps use 5/16”-18 bolt for clamping and mounting
    • Attaches to the roof seam without penetrations
    • Engineered to work with multiple standing seam metal roof designs

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    Technical Features


    • 6000 series aluminum
    • Stainless steel hardware


    Material Finish

    • Clear anodization
    • Black coated hardware

    Design Uplift Load

    • 200 lb

    Torque Specification

    • Seam Clamp: 10-16 ft lbs



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