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About SnapNrack

We value Commitment and Innovation in our solar company.

Our Values


We design processes and experiences knowing another person is the recipient and audience. We make things simple, easy to use, understandable and easy to remember. Complexity is the enemy of quality and reliability.


We act boldly and have the fortitude to stand behind our recommendations, decisions and actions with a full body YES. We are resilient and find alternatives if things don't work out as expected. We take responsibility for the circumstances of our life and don't blame others or ourselves for what is wrong in the world or at the office.


We concentrate our genius, our resources and our focus on the most critical business priorities and objectives. SnapNrack brings compelling business outcomes to the table to create a virtuous cycle of identification, analyzing, planning and executing to achieve real and measurable impact. We evaluate the entire dimension of an opportunity for the company, which means customers, employees and partners.


We stay positive and solution-oriented especially when tackling big, important projects. We love talking to our customers and we appreciate our interactions and contributions.


We make impeccable agreements with our customers, team members, and partners. If for some reason we can't keep the agreement we made, we renegotiate in a straight-forward, honest way.


We commit to curiosity as a path to rapid learning and creating momentum to advance our mission. We are not attached to the way things currently are or to being right.

Our Commitment to Solar

SnapNrack’s vision is to make solar electricity the definitive energy supply. We strongly believe that solar energy can make an important contribution to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world. We are passionate about making that vision come true, one home and one installation at a time. By becoming members in various associations and having our products certified through various programs, we are assuring ourselves and those who use our products, are receiving the latest and greatest innovations as possible, while ensuring the industry itself is moving towards greater achievements.