Our Commitment to Value


Time Reduction

Our main goal here at SnapNrack is to reduce. Whether it’s reducing installation time by providing pre-assembled snap-in hardware, installation costs by providing less required products and installation using a single tool, or reducing the amount of homes that rely on an old form of energy, with every product we offer we hope to do more, with less.

Easy Install

Utilizing unique “Snap-In” hardware, a single tool installation, pre-assembled hardware and no required cutting or drilling our systems are really going to make things easy. Providing resources, training and the on-demand support installers need will just be the cherry on top of an already easy process.

Built-In and

To be able to reduce costs and make things easy, a major aspect we have focused on is keeping features built-in and pre-assembled, so there is no unnecessary products, while also providing built-in aesthetics, wire management and grounding/bonding. While we offer enhanced accessories, they certainly are not necessary to installing a beautiful integrated system, as the core products and their built-in features will provide everything you need.

Our Commitment to Innovation


In an industry focused on a continuous reduction in installation costs in order to reach grid parity and beyond, SnapNrack’s team believes that the mounting system is the key to driving down labor time, resulting in quicker and less expensive installations. SnapNrack’s team is committed to providing this while never sacrificing aesthetics or product quality.

Patented Products

  1. SnapNrack Bonding Universal End Clamp

    Module Attachments

    Patent #UEC 8,801,349 & 8,585,000 & 8,376,298

    Module Attachments

    The module attachments are a unique one-size-fits-all time saver that snaps inside the module frame allowing for quick installation of modules.

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  2. Metal Roof Solutions

    Patent #Seam Clamp 8,251,326 & 8,505,863 B2,

    Metal Roof Solutions

    SnapNrack Metal Roof Solutions provide installers with the most intuitive method for mounting Ultra Rail and Series 100 racking to metal roofs. SnapNrack’s products are the most effective way of attaching to standing seam, corrugated metal and trapezoidal roofs.

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Our Commitment to Solar

SnapNrack’s vision is to make solar electricity the definitive energy supply. We strongly believe that solar energy can make an important contribution to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world. We are passionate about making that vision come true, one home and one installation at a time. By becoming members in various associations and having our products certified through various programs, we are assuring ourselves and those who use our products, are receiving the latest and greatest innovations as possible, while ensuring the industry itself is moving towards greater achievements.