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SnapNrack Series 100 Array Skirt

  • SnapNrack Array Skirt Installed

  • Array Skirt Set, 162″

    (Box of 6) 015-11787

  • Array Skirt Frame Mount


  • Array Skirt Splice


  • Array Skirt End Cap Pair


  • SnapNrack Series 100 Array Skirt is an enhanced aesthetic option with a sleek black finish providing a flush clean line homeowners love. When installed the Array Skirt provides a clean finish to the front of arrays covering any screws, bolts, wires, or mounting hardware. It mounts directly to standard module frames allowing it to attach to almost any array.

    • Skirt mounts attach to any standard module using a single bolt with 1/2" socket
    • Skirt easily snaps onto mount providing a clean finished look
    • Splice provides snap-in attachment of skirt selections together
    • Can be installed at any time allowing easy retrofit of existing system
    • Skirt Set, 162” (Box of 6) - 015-11787
    • Skirt Frame Mount – 242-92211
    • Skirt Splice – 232-01251
    • Skirt End Cap Pair – 232-01250

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    Technical Features


    • Skirt and Splice 6000 Series Aluminum
    • Frame Mount 6000 Series Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • End Cap Rubber

    Torque Specification

    • Array Skirt Frame Mount: 5 – 6 lb-ft (60 – 72 lb-in)


    • All module frames

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