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  • S Tile Replacement


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  • Flat Tile Replacement


  • Flat and Universal Tile Hooks

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    100 Roof Mount System

  • Flexible Flashing for Flat Tile Roof Hooks


    100 Roof Mount System

  • SnapNrack's tile roof products are designed specifically for Flat, S and W shaped tile roofs. Tile Replacements create a source of tiles to replace those broken during installation. The Flat Tile Hooks are a lower cost solution for flat tile while the Universal Tile Hooks are a strong, low-profile attachment solution for tile roofing that eliminates the need for a cone flashing used with standoff style attachments.

    • Tile Replacements feature a base assembly for simply lagging the based into place and then sliding the riser shaft into position for the tile replacement flashing
    • Tile Replacement flashings are made of unique formable material that makes fitment on the roof easy and flexible
    • Tile Hooks feature a strong and rigid design, reducing the quantity of roof attachments required and a slotted attachment provides 1.25” of vertical adjustment for array leveling
    • Universal hook features quick “drop-in” design, simply rock arm into base and secure with a single bolt
    • All Tile Solutions feature a profile specifically designed for use with SnapNrack Standard Rail
    • Flexible Flashing for Tile Roof Solutions are available when deck-level flashing is required.

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    Technical Features

    Tile Solutions Materials

      • Tile Replacements
        • 6000 Series Aluminum Base
        • Dead Soft Aluminum Flashing
        • Stainless Steal hardware
      • Universal Tile Hook
        • Aluminum base
        • Stainless steel tile hook arm
        • Clear anodized Channel Nut
        • Stainless steel hardware
      • Flat Tile Hook
        • Stainless steel tile hook arm
        • Clear anodized Channel Nut
        • Stainless steel hardware


    Tile Roof Solutions Material Finish

    • Tile Replacements
      • 6000 Series Aluminum
    • Tile Hooks
      • Mill finish

    Tile Roof Solutions Design Uplift Load

    • Tile Replacements
      • 445 lbs
    • Universal Tile Hooks
      • 318 lbs
    • Flat Tile Hooks
      • 318 lbs

    Rail Spans

    • Limited to rail spans no greater than 72″. No tilt ups.

    Tile Roof Solutions Torque Specification

    • Tile Replacements
      • 10 ft-lbs
    • Tile Hooks
      • Universal Tile Hook arm to base: 10-16 ft lbs
      • Rail attachment: 10-16 ft-lbs

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