100 Roof Mount System
Module Attachments

Wire Management & Conduit Support Solutions

  • Universal Wire Clamp


  • Full Wire Management System

    100 Roof Mount and 200 Ground Mount System

  • Junction Box XL


  • Junction Box R


    100 Roof Mount & 200 Ground Mount

  • Junction Box R


    100 Roof Mount & 200 Ground Mount

  • Snap-In Wire Retention Clip


    100 Roof Mount and 200 Ground Mount Systems

  • Junction Box, Wire Clamp, Wire Clip & Grounding Lug

    100 Residential Roof Mount System

  • Comp Conduit Support


  • Tile Conduit Support


  • MLPE Rail Attachment Kit


    100 Roof Mount System

  • Installed MLPE Rail Attachment Kit

    100 Roof Mount System

  • Snap-In Ground Lug 6-12 AWG


    100 Roof Mount and 200 Ground Mount Systems

  • Lay-in Lug w/ Bolt and Keps Lock Nut, 4-14 AWG


    100 Roof Mount and 200 Ground Mount Systems

  • Wiley Lay-in Lug w/ WEEB and Hardware, Wiley WEEB-LUG-6.7AS


    100 Roof Mount and 200 Ground Mount Systems

  • Wire Management Solutions comprise a set of dedicated products to reliably and cost effectively secure PV Module and Microinverter leads in the rail channels for easy wire management and a faster installation. All products are made of materials which have been selected for their high UV exposure capability and ability to handle extreme rooftop temperatures common under solar arrays. Snap-in Grounding is a fully custom solution for grounding the completed system. The SnapNrack MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) Rail Attachment Kit is an efficient solution for attaching Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimizers directly to SnapNrack rails. The MLPE Rail Attachment Kit comes pre-assembled, installs to microinverters and optimizers with a single 1/2” socket and utilizes our bonding channel nuts for Snap-In attachment to the rail. Conduit Supports for Composition Shingle and Tile Roofs Provide an intuitive method for securing conduit to the rooftop. Conduit Support Clamps provide a flashed composition support attachment to the roof with a single lag bolt.

    • NEW! Universal Wire Clamp design allows maximum versatility providing clamping space for Enphase Q Cables as well as PV Wires.
    • The SnapNrack Junction Box provides a quick and easy installation and NEMA 4x rating, to conceal and protect electrical connections
    • Wire Retention Clips allow you to quickly secure PV conductor and AC trunk lines into the existing rail channels
    • Microinverter and optimizers are bonded to the system through the MLPE Kit and it’s attachment to the rail so no need to bond optimizers with ground lugs and bare copper

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    Technical Features

    Wire & Grounding Materials

    • Wire Retention Clip
      • UV-resistant polymer
    • Trunk Cable Clamp
      • Polycarbonate
    • Junction Box
      • Box: Polycarbonate
      • Gasket: Rubber
    • Snap-In Ground Lug
      • Tin-Plated Aluminum
    • Wiley Weeb
      • Stainless steel and copper
    • MLPE Attachment Kit
      • Anodized aluminum channel nut
      • Stainless steel bolts and washers
    • Comp Conduit Kit
      • Flashing: Galvanized Steel
      • L Foot Base: 6000 Series Aluminum
      • 1” Spacer: 6000 Series Aluminum
      • Conduit Strap: Zinc-Plated Steel
      • Lag Screw: Stainless Steel
      • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Tile Conduit Kit
      • Conduit Tile Hook: 6000 Series Aluminum
      • Conduit Strap: Zinc-Plated Steel
      • Hardware Stainless Steel


    • Junction Box: Nema 4X and UL 50

    Wire & Grounding Torque Specification

    • Wire Management
      • 16 ft lbs
    • MLPE Attachment Kit
      • 10-16 ft lbs
    • SNR Ground Lug
      • 16 ft-lbs
      • Ilsco: to rail: 5 ft lbs, lug screw: 20-25 in-lbs
      • WEEBs: to rail: 10 ft-lbs, lug: 7 ft-lbs

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    DC Wire Management for 100 Roof Mount Installations

    Junction Box Installation Manual

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