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200 Ground Mount System

Ultra Adjustable

The Series 200 Ground Mount System is designed to attach easily to a standard galvanized pipe structure using structural pipe fittings. Using a standard three to four-module high assembly, the system is efficient and flexible while optimizing materials and minimizing system footprint. Industry leading installation times are achieved with unique snap-in fasteners.

200 Ground Mount System

  • Assembles easily using snap-in bonding pipe clamps that feature channel nuts with integrated bonding pins
  • Compatible with all SnapNrack module attachments
  • Integrates with Schedule 40 or 80 galvanized 1.5” pipe
  • Configures easily to desired tilt (0-45 degrees)
  • Ultra-adjustable for precise alignment on any surface
  • Full wire management system easily attaches using rail channels
  • Using pipe structural fittings, labor hours to install the system are typically less than that required for a more complicated racking system

Technical Features

Series 200 Materials
  • Ground Rail: 6063 Aluminum Rail
  • Bonding Pipe Clamp:6000 Series Aluminum
  • Hollaender Fittings:Aluminum Alloy
  • Stainless steel hardware: Galvanized steel
Series 200 Material Finish
  • Ground Rail: Clear anodized aluminum
  • Bonding Pipe Clamp: Anodized Aluminum
Series 200 Torque Specification
  • Bonding Pipe Clamp: 12 ft-lbs
  • Set Screws for Hollaender fittings: 17 ft-lbs
  • Module attachment: Silver Hardware 10-16 ft-lbs, Black Hardware 8-10 ft-lbs
  • Pipe Clamp: 12 ft-lbs
Series 200 Snow Loads
  • 120 psf
Series 200 Wind Loads
  • 170 mph
Series 200 Array Pitch
  • Up to 45 degrees
  • 25 Limited Product Warranty