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AnchorFoot™ + DeckAnchor™

Deck Mounting, re-imagined.

SnapNrack AnchorFoot™ & DeckAnchor™ are the latest innovation designed to reduce the number of roof fasteners when mounting direct to deck and provide maximum flexibility to mount anywhere on the roof. Engineered with butyl, now installers do not have to add sealant to the bottom of the mount, simplifying the installation process and further protecting the roof.

AnchorFoot™ + DeckAnchor™


  • Pre-installed butyl for easy peel & stick installation allows for no disruption to composition shingles
  • Industry-leading .200” thick butyl allows installation over shingles without cutting pieces
  • Flexible direct to deck mounting options with (2) DeckAnchors™ or (4) #14 wood screws
  • Flexible rafter mounting options with (1) 5/16” lag or (2) #14 wood screws
  • Ships pre-assembled with Ultra Rail Mounting Clamp for easy rail attachment
  • Rated for UL2703 Bonding & Grounding with TAS 100A Wind Driven Rain Testing for waterproof certification


  • Proprietary fastening technology to reduce the number of screws for direct to deck mounting
  • Familiar ½” hex head to maintain the SnapNrack tradition of a single tool install
  • Wide threads securely grip the wood deck and significantly reduces the potential for over-tightening
  • TAS 100A Wind Driven Rain Testing + ASTM D1761 Screw Capacities

Technical Features

  • AnchorFoot™: 6000 Series aluminum, Stainless steel hardware & Butyl flexible flashing
  • DeckAnchor™: Zinc Alloy, Galvanized Steel & EPDM Rubber
Material Finish

Black anodization & Black coated hardware

Wind Loads
  • 90-180 mph
Snow Loads
  • 0-120 psf
Roof Pitch
  • 0 – 90 degrees