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Tile Roof Solutions

One Tile Hook for All Tile Roofs

The SnapNrack Adjustable Tile Hook is designed with maximum adjustability to accommodate for installation on Flat, S or W shaped tile roofs. These roof hooks are a strong low-profile attachment that can easily adjust to various tile heights, while reducing damage to tiles. The tile roof hook can also be mounted directly to the roof deck with the use of (6) to (8) wood screws.

SnapNrack Tile Hook Replacement Flashings are availble for tile hook installations when necessary to replace broken tiles. Tile Replacement Flashing are available for Flat, S and W tile roof profiles and compatible with SnapNrack Tile Hooks and UR-40 & UR-60 rail profiles. The unique formable material makes installation over the tile hook easy & flexible while the tile replacements can be trimmed for a tighter fit.

Tile Roof Solutions

  • Slotted attachments provide maximum vertical adjustments for array leveling & compatibility with all tile profiles
  • (3) hook installation locations with multiple lag screw holes, guarantees locating a rafter while installing the hook through the valley of the tile
  • Strong & rigid design reduces roof attachment quantities
  • (1) hook for all tile roof profiles
  • Capable of mounting directly to the roof deck with the use of (6) to (8) Wood Screws
  • Ships preassembled with Ultra Rail Mounting hardware for snap-in rail connection
  • Available with the Tile Replacement Flashing to further simplify tile installations

Technical Features

  • 6000 Series aluminum
  • Stainless steel hardware
Wind Loads
  • 110 – 190 mph (ASCE 7-10)
Snow Loads
  • 0 – 120 psf
Roof Pitch
  • 0 – 90 degrees