The Rancho Solar project in San Diego/Scripps Ranch, CA is a 10.7 kW system on a concrete S-tile roof using LG solar panels and SolarEdge inverter.

The 20.1 kW system in San Diego/Scripps Ranch, CA on a concrete S-tile roof using LG solar panels and (3) SMA inverters.

Customer Testimonial

“Rancho Solar discovered SnapNrack at the 2015 SPI Conference in Las Vegas. We were looking to make a racking change to take advantage of UL2703 integrated grounding and also to speed up our installations. There were a lot of manufacturers that met this criteria, but it came down to quality, aesthetics and wire management. In November of 2015 we made our initial purchase of SnapNrack equipment. The learning curve was minimal, the first installation took no longer than using our previous racking. However the goal was to improve our speed. After the second installation we were saving labor hours, and after the fourth project we were having significant labor savings. By December of 2015, we made the decision to use SnapNrack on 100% of our installations. Besides labor savings, this product looks superior to anything else I've seen in the field. All black rails and hardware, universal end clamps allowing rails to be cut flush with the solar panels, and ease of wire management. Another satisfied contractor!”
- Mike Ganung, President of Rancho Solar