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SnapNrack is now a Qualified Participant of the UL Data Acceptance Program

SnapNrack, a leading manufacturer of residential solar panel mounting solutions today announces their Santa Cruz, CA R&D test facility is now a qualified participant in the UL Data Acceptance Program.  Under the UL program, SnapNrack is allowed to directly submit results from in-house UL2703 testing, which expedites approval process by eliminating lab scheduling conflicts.

UL’s Data Acceptance Program provides a means for UL to accept externally generated test data in support of UL Mark certification. To qualify, SnapNrack’s R&D test facility was required to have the appropriate equipment, quality systems and qualified engineering personnel needed to conduct testing, equivalent to what would be used in UL’s own laboratories for the same testing.

“Being a qualified participant in the UL Data Acceptance Program provides SnapNrack increased control over the timing and schedule of our product testing and certification program. Providing UL with a data sheet ready package at the time of submittal eliminates test time and allows UL to decrease the turnaround time for our projects,” said Chris Oestreich, Sr. Director, SnapNrack.

About SnapNrack
SnapNrack, owned by Sunrun, produces innovative residential solar mounting solutions engineered to optimize material use and labor resources and improve overall installation quality and safety. SnapNrack residential solar mounting solutions are designed for composition shingle, tile, metal and flat membrane roof types, as well as ground systems.