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SnapNrack RL Residential Roof Mount System Launches

 SnapNrack RL Residential Roof Mount System Launches

The Fastest Mounting System. Period.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – January 25, 2018 – SnapNrack, leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, announced late last year, the all new RL System, which will further enhance the company’s residential roof mount solutions that reduce solar installation times and lower installations costs for customers.

SnapNrack RL the newest innovation in residential solar mounting that provides the fastest most intuitive install experience on the roof. RL is designed to achieve the lowest possible installed cost without compromising performance, quality, or aesthetics. The RL System requires only 4 components for complete assembly with A Mounts, B Mounts, C Links, and Flash Tracks. Flash Tracks secure A Mounts and B Mounts to the roof using patented Umbrella Seal technology. A Mounts align the front of the array with a sleek black finish and drop-in design for module insertion. B Mounts secure the top side of modules and provide drop-in mounting for next row of modules. C Links attach modules within a row and provide both a structural and electrical connection. The RL system is the only system in the industry without rails that doesn’t require a skirt to look aesthetically pleasing.

RL provides the industry’s best wire management solutions for systems that don’t contain rails. New Smart Clips provides intuitive wire management at any point along the module and easily tucks wires away within the module envelope to avoid any unintended removal over time. Wire Savers provide the ability to secure loose wires post module install perfect for last minute wire management.

On February 7th, SnapNrack will host a live online webinar course, Benefits in Speed and Logistics Using the RL System. The course is also registered for one NACEP CE credit. The one hour course will discuss the features and benefits of the new system as well as how logistics are improved by removing rails from the system. Participants can register for online webinar by visiting SnapNrack’s Events Calendar.

RL is now available for purchase, including all Wire Management accessories, through their authorized SnapNrack Distributor. To locate and contact a SnapNrack Distributor, please access the full list on the SnapNrack website:

Further information and details regarding SnapNrack’s new products and upcoming course offerings can be found online in the Resource library or the Events Calendar.

About SnapNrack

SnapNrack, owned by Sunrun, is a leading manufacturer of innovative solar mounting solutions designed to reduce installation costs, improve installation quality and safety, and make the job of solar installers easier. SnapNrack roof and ground mount systems feature a single tool installation, pre-assembled snap-in hardware, integrated wire management, integrated grounding/bonding and Class A Fire Rating in accordance with UL2703/UL1703 standards. For more information, visit or call 805-540-6999.

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