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MightyMount™ System

The Simple but Mighty System

MightyMount™ System is a modified railless system designed for a smaller footprint and simple install experience on the roof. MightyMount™ roof attachments are compatible with applications that include composition shingle and trapezoidal metal roofs. The system installs by creating a precise layout for mounts, attaching mounts to the roof, laying down the panels, and securing them utilizing SnapNrack Ultra Rail Mid Clamps and End Clamps. The system includes the familiar SpeedSeal™ Technology with a compressible barrier that secures sealant in place & fills all voids. SnapNrack’s tradition of a single tool installation is carried on with the same ½” socket.

MightyMount™ System

• MightyMount™ Comp-S features a small footprint to fit on a single course of shingles.
• MightyMount™ Comp-S is a rafter independent attachment, it eliminates the need to locate or find rafters for pilot holes.

• MightyMount™ Metal-T gives installers the ability to mount on trapezoidal metal roofs like carports.
• MightyMount™ Metal-T tracks are available in two sizes, 10” or 15”, both featuring protective gaskets around fasteners for added sealing and utilizing standard EJOT Fasteners for installation.

Technical Features