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OnSite Energy

OnSite Energy is a locally owned solar energy contractor in Bozeman, Montana that has been specializing in solar design, project development and installation since 2012. This team has a very strong commitment to the environment with industry expertise and loves to help their community feel empowered to choose solar energy. According to OnSite Energy's Communications Director, Nicola Preston, "We are proud to be part of an industry that has a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and our community."

Customer Testimonial

As proud SnapNrack customers, the OnSite team enjoys the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Functionality & Versatility: “SnapNrack’s easy to use design helps make installation little easier, especially with a particularly challenging roof that is really high and/or steep.”

Snap-in Hardware: “The snap-in channel nut provides installers with greater flexibility during the construction process, while making significant time savings due to the practical intuitive design. This is true for fastening both rails and modules.”

Integrated Wire Management: “The combination of the rail channel and wire management accessories makes for the best long-term wire management solution in the industry, and also the easiest and fastest to install.”

– OnSite Energy, Inc.