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Built Well Solar

Founded in 2001 by Dan Sabia, Built Well Solar is Long Island’s original local solar installer. As a retired Major in the U.S. Army National Guard and a first responder of 9/11, Sabia wanted to start providing solar energy as an alternative to foreign oil. “We’re a homegrown company proudly helping our neighbors make the switch to solar,” said Dan Sabia, Built Well's founder, “The convenience and durability of the SnapNrack system make our job easier.”

Customer Testimonial

Some of the standout SnapNrack features and benefits that Built Well Solar mentioned were the following:

Aesthetics: “Homeowners often care how their solar energy systems will look, so SnapNrack’s flush cut rail finish with the Array Skirt, and the black component portfolio offer built-in aesthetics that can make a big difference.”

Ease of Install: “Happy to switch from other mounting systems, our team of installers appreciates the ease and convenience of SnapNrack’s inside the rail wire management, rail splices bonding the rails together without rail jumpers, and being able to use a single 1/2″ socket for all hardware in the system.”

Durability: “We often experience extremes in weather — tough, snowy winters and blazing summers — as well as salt air due to our close proximity to ocean beaches, so the proven durability and weather-resistance of the SnapNrack system is important to us.”

– Dan Sabia, Founder of Built Well Solar