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Yes Solar Solutions

Since 2009, Yes Solar Solutions has been offering their expert solar energy consulting and premium quality solar installation services from homeowners to businesses to nonprofits and government agencies throughout the Carolina states. Their unique advantage is a combination of experience, accreditation, certification and customer service has lead them to over 800 installations since 2009. And it shows, according to Yes Solar's Director of Marketing, Kevin Walters, "Installing solar makes a difference. The fact that customers actually use the energy they generate rather than solar just being an investment makes a difference."

Customer Testimonial

As a loyal SnapNrack customer, Rob Smith, Director of Operations at Yes Solar Solutions, calls out the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Flush Cut Rails: “Flush cut rails make a world of difference on every installation. It makes our arrays more aesthetically pleasing than our competitors.”

Black Hardware & Components: “We only install black components. The mid clamps blend right in with the module frames and the rails blend in with the shadows under the modules. The black rails also blend in with the shingles on the roof.”

Single Tool Installation: “Installers do not have to carry multiple socket sizes and chance them falling off the roof when they change sizes which allows for greater efficiency on the roof.”

– Rob Smith, Director of Operations of Yes Solar Solutions