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Miami-Dade NOA

The First

SnapNrack is the first & only to earn Miami-Dade County NOA of integrated flashing technology with SpeedSeal™ Foot & SpeedSeal™ Track.

SpeedSeal™ Track for the RL Universal Roof Mount System is the first & only railless roof attachment to earn the NOA approval.

What is Miami-Dade NOA

Due to the conditions from the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), Miami-Dade County has the country’s strictest requirements for construction, and regulates specific building products as part of their NOA process including the permitting, installation and inspection of solar.

Installers must comply with these strict installation methods in Miami-Dade County.

How Does it Help?

Miami-Dade NOA covers both structural engineering as well as water ingress within one approval.

The need for site-specific stamped engineering, and thus streamlining the permitting process.

The Gold Standard

With such a high standard and benchmark for approval, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) in surrounding areas accept the NOA with confidence for their own Local Product Approval Process.

Other high wind areas across the east coast and as far away as Hawaii, Guam, the Caribbean, and even in Japan have been known to accept the Miami-Dade County NOA.

Installation Resources

Visit our SpeedSeal™ Technology products webpage for more info & to download any needed installation documentation.

NOA No: 20-1104.01