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Ocean State Clean Energy

Ocean State Clean Energy just started in mid-2018 but is far from inexperienced. The team is built on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge, with more than 6 years of in the solar industry. Since their inception, Ocean State Clean Energy has installed more than 200 kW of residential solar. According to Kenny Hsieh, Owner and CEO of Ocean State Clean Energy, "Our mission is to help change the culture around energy consumption, to empower people to make choices that benefit everyone, and mitigate dangerous carbon pollution, one household at a time." And they're able to easily accomplish this with the use of SnapNrack.

Customer Testimonial

A few SnapNrack features and benefits that Kenny and the team mentioned were the following:

Ease of Installation: “The biggest benefit we saw in using SnapNrack was the ease of installation and the lightness of the components that allow for easy maneuvering of materials when on a steep pitch roof.”

Snap-in Features: “With SnapNrack, we can snap parts in place and tighten as we go. The time and effort we save on installs using SnapNrack makes a big, big difference.”

Compatibility:  “Another big reason we use SnapNrack is the integration with RT Mini 2, which we use as footing.”

– Kenny Hsieh, Owner and CEO of Ocean State Clean Energy