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Metal Roof Solutions

Featuring S-5! Metal Roof Brackets

SnapNrack has partnered with S-5! to offer installers a kitted solution with S-5! metal roof brackets and SnapNrack All Purpose L Foot attachments. The kitted solution simplifies the installation experience on the roof. In the past, installers assembled the two components together on the roof, which required fumbling around with different nuts and bolts; now these kits will eliminate this cumbersome step.

As a result of this partnership, SnapNrack Applications Engineering can fully support installers with design and installation questions and other product resources expected with SnapNrack. The kitted solutions will include S-5!’s CorruBracket™, SolarFoot™, ProteaBracket™, VersaBracket™ and S-5-N™ Mini with SnapNrack’s All Purpose L Foot. By expanding the portfolio to include S-5! brackets, SnapNrack can better support small commercial installers and projects along with expanding their geographical footprint.

Metal Roof Solutions

  • All Purpose L Foot ft. S-5! Corrubracket 100T: Top-fixed, low profile metal roof bracket for corrugated roofing ensures fastening out of the water plane
  • All Purpose L Foot ft. S-5! Corrubracket: Strong enough for heavy-duty, commercial applications, mount almost anything to 7/8” and 3/4” rib pitch U.S. corrugated metal roofing
  • All Purpose L Foot ft. S-5! SolarFoot: Designed for exposed fastened metal roof profiles, such as AG-Panel or R-Panel
  • All Purpose L Foot ft. S-5! S-5-N Mini: Angled set screws and an innovative insert ensures a superior fit to most nail strip profiles with a nonpenetrating clamp
  • All Purpose L Foot ft. S-5! VersaBracket-47: Versatile bottom-fixed attachment for exposed-fastened metal roof profiles
  • Ultra Rail Mounting Clamp ft. S-5! ProteaBracket: Adjustable face-fastened bracket that adapts to various trapezoidal roof sizes



Technical Features

  • 6005 Aluminum
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Butyl or EPDM Rubber
Material Finish
  • Mill finish
  • Clear anodized
Wind Loads
  • 110 – 190 mph (ASCE 7-10)
Snow Loads
  • 0 – 120 psf