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Verisolar is a family owned and operated solar installation and design company located in Houston, Texas. The team prides themselves on being 100% in-house from start to finish on all projects and providing impeccable quality and service to their customers from many years of structural engineering and project management experience. "We really love our community and want to see Houston start to take advantage of solar," says James Nimri, Operations Manager of Verisolar. The team really focuses on craftsmanship in every installation, which is why they continue to use SnapNrack on every install.

Customer Testimonial

As committed SnapNrack customers, Verisolar points out the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Ease of Install: “It’s simple to install without the extra hardware and wire compared to most other racking products.”

Nice Aesthetics: “We promise our homeowners minimal visual impact and SnapNrack allows us to manage wire and conduit runs and ensure solar panels are precisely aligned while avoiding unnecessarily visible rails.”

Structural Engineering Reports: “Permitting is part of our 100% in-house installation and these readily available reports make approval easy.”

– James Nimri, Operations Manager of Verisolar