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SnapNrack RL Universal System Saves Installers Time & Money on the Roof

SnapNrack RL Universal System Saves Installers Time & Money on the Roof 

Installing Solar Has Never Been This Fast & Easy

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – April 30, 2020 – SnapNrack, leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, announced last year, the all new RL Universal (RL-U) System, which further enhances the company’s market leading residential roof mount portfolio. SnapNrack listened to the needs of installers and delivered with RL Universal, introducing features like skirt first mounting that sets a straight and level foundation for the array, Links that eliminate Mount-Link interference, and top down install features of the Mounts. These features combined in one system take railless to the next level by simplifying the install process and reducing time on the roof.

SnapNrack RL Universal provides an intuitive install process. It was designed such that each install step is independent, where a single installer could install the entire system. The system features four core components, with nothing larger than the size of a module, resulting in easy material management and logistics.The roof attachment consists of a Flash Track which provides North-South adjustability, and is secured with a single Umbrella Lag through SnapNrack’s patent pending Umbrella Flashing. RL-U only requires a single RL-U Mount SKU which is used at all locations on the array. The integrated RL-U Skirt attaches to the first row of mounts, creating a strong structure for leveling and aligning the array. The RL-U Links clamp onto the top of modules securing them in place while providing row-to-row bonding, and  provide an attachment point for 2-4 modules. RL Universal is the only railless system that eliminates Mount-Link interference, or use of hybrid mounts, thanks to unique Mount offset and Link adjustability. The entire system was designed around the installation process. A single installer can drop modules into place, and secure them across the top without having to reach down the roof across a module.

RL-U brings SnapNrack’s leading Wire Management Solutions to the railless market. Smart Clips securely tuck wires away within the module frame at any point along the module and prevent unintended removal over time. Wire Savers provide the ability to secure loose wires post module install; perfect for last minute wire management. The solution set is complete with a track mounted L Foot and Junction Box to suit all wire management needs.

SnapNrack is hosting a webinar to discuss the features & benefits of RL Universal in their Webinar of the Week program on Friday, May 1st at 10 am PST. More details can be found online at the SnapNrack Events Calendar. Customers can be certain they will find a solution necessary for the needs of their business when they turn to SnapNrack for their Solar Mounting Solutions.