SnapNrack's Configuration Tool

SnapNrack's configuration tool allows you to pre-plan and design your array to create a bill of materials for the 100 Residential Roof Mount and the 200 Residential Ground Mount. This tool provides you with the exact products that you will need to purchase through your local distributor.

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From installation manuals that will guide you, to videos that will give you tips, to brochures that will help you pick the right product, we provide you the tools you need for a successful installation.

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Enhanced Aesthetics

SnapNrack provides built in aesthetics that further enhance the design of the system at no extra cost.

Integrated Wire Management

Wire Management Solutions comprise a set of dedicated products to reliably and cost effectively secure PV Module and Micro-inverter leads in the SnapNrack rail channels.

Single Tool Installation

Using only a 1/2" socket wrench, you are able to install every product that SnapNrack offers. Going beyond that, many of our products are completely tool-free and Snap-in by hand.

Snap-In Features

Utilizing snap-in hardware makes installing SnapNrack products as simple as could be, using only your hand.

Pre-assembled Hardware

Many products come pre-assembled giving installers more time to install the full system without worrying about nuts and bolts.

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A SnapNrack system installs in 5 steps

The SnapNrack system is a set of engineered products that can be assembled into a wide variety of solar mounting structures. It is designed to be installed by qualified solar installation technicians with as little effort and time as possible, in as simple as 5 steps.

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System Product Selector

The individual products are really what make the SnapNrack systems so unique. We design specialty products that work together to provide the most innovative and advanced solar mounting systems on the market, while reducing the installers time on the roof.

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100 Series Component Selector

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SnapNrack 100 Residential Roof Mount Overview

See for yourself how our UL Certified 100 Roof Mount system snaps together.

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