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Carolina Mountain Solar

Located in the picturesque downtown of Murphy, North Carolina, Carolina Mountain Solar has been installing solar since 2013 in Western NC & North Georgia. As the only dedicated solar installer in their part of the Appalachians, they take a great deal of enjoyment in being able to provide green energy options to a region with a unique ecosystem and spirit of independence. Metal roofing is a very popular roof surface in the residential market and for many years the team avoided installs on metal roofs until they discovered SnapNrack's Metal Roof Base. "The Metal Roof Base was one of the first reliable mounting systems for metal roofs and is still the best option for metal on wooden rafters," says Stewart Senger, President of Carolina Mountain Solar.

Customer Testimonial

Some other key features and benefits that Stewart and the Carolina Mountain Solar team mentioned included the following:

Metal Roof Solutions: “The Metal Roof Base allowed us to change our whole product offering. We’ve since installed thousands of SnapNrack attachments with great success.”

Flush Cut Rail/Finish: “The Universal End Clamp allows for a great clean flush cut rail look that is noticeably better for visible residential projects.”

Weatherproof Roof Attachment: “I strongly feel the residential Flashed L Foot Kit is the most robust and leak-proof in the industry.”

– Stewart Senger, President of Carolina Mountain Solar