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ML Solar

ML Solar first started in 2008 as a wholesale distributor specializing in solar and renewable energy for the Silicon Valley. About three years ago, the team added installation services for the residential and commercial market. This team is extremely passionate about one common goal, to provide a clean energy solution to their customers that will help the planet for future generations. ML Solar's EPCM Director, Rick Johnson, says that he personally enjoys seeing their customers' reactions and being able to successfully eliminate their monthly utility bill.

Customer Testimonial

As a long time SnapNrack customer, Rick specifically mentioned the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Snap-in hardware with single tool installation: “The fact that SnapNrack has uniformed the hardware to one standard 1/2” size , is a huge benefit during kitting & installation.”

Rail channels for Wire Management: “This feature alone is a huge time saver in labor and makes wire management simple & cosmetically pleasing.”

Structural Engineering Reports by State: “The completed engineered wet stamp for each style of mounting solutions makes the permitting and final approval process a breeze in all states.”

– Rick Johnson, EPCM Director of ML Solar