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Eagle Solar and Light

Since 2016 Eagle Solar and Light has been providing modern energy solutions to the Central Alabama region. It has been their goal to provide access to solar energy for reasons other than just energy savings. According to Eagle Solar's COO, Michael Churchman, helping people have a positive impact on the clean energy future is his greatest motivation for installing and providing solar energy. Michael said, "Every day, I can go home knowing that I made the world a better place for my family, my children's children and beyond. And, meeting other installers that have the same drive helps me to have huge admiration for our entire solar industry.”

Customer Testimonial

As a committed SnapNrack customer, Michael called out the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Single Tool Installation: “We appreciate how all products are interchangeable and we only have one tool for installing the racking.”

Multiple Attachment Solutions: “It is great to depend on the consistency and quality of SnapNrack products. At one job site, we used three different anchors for 2 roofs and a ground mount, and SnapNrack provided all that we needed.”

Snap-in Hardware: “All parts are interchangeable and you don’t have to switch tools or techniques for different installs. All bolts are the same, the bonding channel nut is consistent across all parts and installers don’t have to put extra effort to switching installation plans. This saves time, money, and mistakes, which reinforce time and money!”

– Michael Churchman, COO of Eagle Energy & Light