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My Generation Energy

Established in 2009, My Generation Energy specializes in the highest quality solar design and installation in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Performing everything from assessment to financing, permitting, project implementation, commissioning, follow-up monitoring, and performance assurance, My Generation Energy ensures that our customers' solar installations seamlessly integrate with their properties & lifestyles. According to Nathaniel Blois, "We love helping our clients lower or eliminate their electricity bills while capturing the many benefits of clean, quiet, local, solar power." "We are committed to delivering the highest quality to our customers and SnapNrack is a big part of that."

Customer Testimonial

As a proud SnapNrack customer, Nathaniel calls out the following SnapNrack features and benefits:

Aesthetically Pleasing: “SnapNrack systems look much more seamless than other racking options. Low-profile mid clamps, invisible Universal End Clamps, black rubber end caps on the end of each rail.”

Ease of Install: “Our crew literally snaps the system in place and can install medium to large residential installations in one day.”

Universal Components: “Other racking systems need specific components depending on the size of the panel. With SnapNrack it is one size fits all.”
– Nathaniel Blois, My Generation Energy