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Redstone Solar

For over 8 years now, Redstone Solar has been providing high quality solar power systems to customers along the Wasatch front of Utah including Provo, Orem, West Jordan, and beyond. As the Utah solar market continues to grow, this team believes it is imperative to provide the highest quality products and services that will last a lifetime. According to Redstone's Project Developer, Brandan Sirrine, "One of the most satisfying things to do is a system check-up on an older system and see the positive effects from the system over the years." The Redstone team feels that the quality from SnapNrack has proved to be a strong solution for all their installations and has really differentiated them from the rest.

Customer Testimonial

A few SnapNrack features and benefits that Brandan and the team mentioned were the following:

Snow Load Requirements: “We have a lot of customers at higher altitudes where the snow loads are around 40 lbs /sf. SnapNrack has proved to be a strong solution.”
Compliance: “Finding a configuration that is aggressive in allowing us to install more panels yet create a code-compliant strong array is invaluable and SnapNrack has allowed us to achieve this.”
Warranty: “SnapNrack is high enough quality to be reinstalled during warranty work as compared to other products that seem disposable and need to be replaced all together.”  

– Brandan Sirrine, Project Developer of Redstone Solar