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Citadel Roofing & Solar

Citadel is one of California’s largest and most experienced roofing and solar contractors, and one of the only ones in the state offering both roofing and solar. This team has over 20 years of experience in solar, ranging from residential and commercial installations to new homes and multifamily building installations. Citadel enjoys being able to make a positive and tangible difference for customers and the environment with solar. According to Aaron Nitzkin, Citadel’s Executive Vice President of Solar, "Too often, homeowners sustain damage to their roofs during the solar installation process. We love knowing that we can install solar while protecting customers’ roofs." That primary concern drove them to select SnapNrack as their solar mounting solution. "With SnapNrack, Citadel is able to ensure that we are providing a best class installation for every one of our customers," says Aaron.

Customer Testimonial

SnapNrack features and benefits that the Citadel team called out were the following:

Wire Management: “SnapNrack provides a great streamlined wire management solution for all our installations.”

Single Tool Installation: “The team loves the convenience of being able to use a single 1/2″ socket for all hardware in the system.”

Snap-in Features: “The time and effort we save on installs is great by being able to snap-in all the hardware.”

– Aaron Nitzkin, Executive Vice President of Solar of Citadel Roofing & Solar