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Goldin Solar

Founded in 2014, Goldin Solar has quickly become one of Florida’s largest and best solar contractors. Last year, Solar Power World recognized Goldin Solar as Florida’s #2 largest solar contractor in the residential sector by total kW installed. With unwavering dedication to quality in terms of material selection, workmanship and the customer experience, this team has become known as the solar contractor customers can count on to get it right! The products used by Goldin Solar are carefully picked for their performance and to match the high velocity wind zones in Florida and SnapNrack solar mounting solutions fit their engineering requirements. According to Goldin Solar's CEO and Founder, Daren Goldin, "From inception SnapNrack has been our only racking option. It has won our favor for ease of install, structural performance and the full range of products." The Goldin Solar team knows they're doing the planet right by supporting the transition to renewable energy with every system they install.

Customer Testimonial

SnapNrack features and benefits that Daren called out were the following:

Ease of Install: “When we’re training new installation teams, once they’ve installed one system, they have it down forever. The straightforward installation and one single socket size for all components has made it much easier to scale our operation.”
Structural Performance: “The South Florida wind map requires us to withstand 175 MPH wind speeds to meet code and SnapNrack rail is very strong compared to other products on the market.”
Full Range of Products: “Whether we’re installing a ground mount, a flush mount on a residence or fixed tilt system on a commercial building, SnapNrack always has everything we need.”

– Daren Goldin, CEO & Founder of Goldin Solar