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SIG Solar

Solar Installation Group, Inc. (SIG Solar) originally started in 2013 as a third party installation company for solar sales companies across the U.S. with residential, commercial and agricultural solar projects. After seeing what was lacking on the customer service side of the solar industry and looking to bring the knowledge of sustainable energy to their local community, the Kerr family started a local, family-based solar sales and installation company, SIG Solar. "We pride ourselves on customer service, family values and bettering the community we live in," says Jared Kerr, SIG Solar Vice President. "We're so overwhelmed with the love and support from our local communities, that it only furthers our drive and mission to bring solar to every roof in California." This drive and passion is why the SIG Solar team chose SnapNrack. Jared notes that SnapNrack systems look custom compared to others, especially with black rail and the black modules they install.

Customer Testimonial

A few SnapNrack features and benefits called out by the SIG Solar team included the following:

Wire Management: “Beats everyone out there, went through tons of companies before we found the right one; results in a longer lasting and better quality installation.”
Easy Installation/ Quick to use: “Only needing one tool is so helpful and not having many tools on the roof; our guys love it!”
Aesthetics: “The cleanliness of the finished installation makes for the best looking system; panels look sleek and nice on the roof.”

– Jared Kerr, Vice President of SIG Solar