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New SnapNrack & S-5! Partnership

Together streamlining solar for metal roofs

New SnapNrack & S-5! Partnership
Together streamlining solar for metal roofs

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Aug. 29, 2023, – SnapNrack, leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, and S-5!, the leading authority on solar attachment solutions for metal roofs, today announced a joint partnership to offer select metal roof attachments from both manufacturers as a single kitted solution.

SnapNrack is partnering with S-5! to now offer installers a kitted solution with S-5! metal roof brackets and SnapNrack All Purpose L Foot attachments. The kitted solution simplifies the installation experience on the roof. In the past, installers assembled the two components together on the roof, which required fumbling around with different nuts and bolts; now these kits will eliminate this cumbersome step.

“We started as installers and have always focused on providing solutions that make the solar installation a simpler process through pre-assembled hardware and ease of use. This partnership with S-5! will continue that tradition. We’re excited to partner with the world’s leading metal roof attachment provider and work to simplify solar installations on metal roofs for everyone,” stated Andrew Wickham, Director of Products & Engineering at SnapNrack.

As a result of this partnership, SnapNrack Applications Engineering can fully support installers with design and installation questions and other product resources expected with SnapNrack. The kitted solutions will include S-5!’s CorruBracket™, SolarFoot™, ProteaBracket™, VersaBracket™ and S-5-N™ Mini with SnapNrack’s All Purpose L Foot. By expanding the portfolio to include S-5! brackets, SnapNrack can better support small commercial installers and projects along with expanding their geographical footprint.

“SnapNrack is a great fit for us,” said Mark Gies, S-5! Director of Product Management. “They too believe in doing things The Right Way™. Their industry experience serves installers well. We look forward to developing a long-standing partnership together.”

SnapNrack and S-5! will both display the kitted attachments at the RE+ 2023 trade show from Sept.12 – 14 in SnapNrack Booth #4755 and S-5! Booth #3335. SnapNrack is now accepting orders for the new kitted metal roof solutions with standard order lead times. More details can be found by contacting a SnapNrack Distribution Account Manager. Customers can be certain they will find a solution necessary for the needs of their business when they turn to SnapNrack for their solar mounting solutions.



About SnapNrack
SnapNrack, owned by Sunrun, is a leading manufacturer of innovative solar mounting solutions designed to reduce installation costs, improve installation quality and safety, and make the job of solar installers easier. SnapNrack roof and ground mount systems feature a single tool installation, pre-assembled snap-in hardware, integrated wire management, integrated grounding/bonding, and Class A Fire Rating in accordance with UL2703/UL1703 standards. For more information, visit

About S-5!
Founded by a veteran metal roof expert, S-5! has been the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions since 1992. S-5!’s zero-penetration clamps and lifetime brackets attach ancillary items to standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofs respectively, while maintaining roof integrity and warranties. Made in the U.S.A., S-5! solutions are engineered for a variety of roof-mounted applications and are now installed on 2.5+ million metal roofs worldwide, including more than 6 gigawatts of solar, providing strength and longevity never before seen.For more information, visit