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SnapNrack Debuts SpeedSeal™ Technology

SnapNrack Debuts SpeedSeal™ Technology with SpeedSeal™ Foot & SpeedSeal™ Track

Introducing A New Generation of Roof Attachments

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2020 – SnapNrack, leading manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, debuts the all new SpeedSeal™ Technology featuring SpeedSeal™Foot for the Ultra Rail Roof Mount System and SpeedSeal™ Track for the RL Universal Roof Mount System. SnapNrack is introducing a new generation of roof attachments with an innovative design that incorporates flashing reliability into a single attachment by using a patent pending Lag Driven Sealant Technology.

These new SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ products, SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track, dramatically speed up the installation process by allowing installers to lag straight to a structural member with no in-between components, and eliminates damage to shingles from the installation process. The simple install process consists of locating a rafter, filling the sealant cavity and securing to the roof. The SpeedSeal™ Technology takes over, compressing sealant into the cavity, shingle surfaces and lag hole, as the SpeedSeal™ Foot or SpeedSeal™ Track is secured to the rafter. The 100% waterproof solution provides a lasting seal and passes UL 2582 Wind Driven Rain Test and ASTM E2140 Water Column Testing standards.

Both SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track save installers time on the roof with less parts and less tools, while maintaining the integrity of the shingles. In order to properly install a rigid metal flashing, it requires the use of a pry bar to “rip up” the shingles and remove the nails. The SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track eliminate this process, so the roof remains intact, the way the roofing manufacturer meant it to be, all while installing with faster times. SnapNrack’s tradition of a single tool installation is carried on in the new SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track designs with the same ½”socket, that is the standard for all components of SnapNrack’s mounting systems. 

SnapNrack is now accepting orders for the new SnapNrack SpeedSeal™ Foot and SpeedSeal™ Track with standard order lead times. More details can be found by contacting a SnapNrack Distribution Account Manager or an authorized SnapNrack Distributor. Customers can be certain they will find a solution necessary for the needs of their business when they turn to SnapNrack for their Solar Mounting Solutions.